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Roller Ice

Roller Ice is a stainless massage roller ball that moves freely in all directions to give a great massage. Say goodbye to messy ice cups with this great product.

Roller Ice Magnet

The solid stainless steel trigger point of the Roller Ice Bullet adds weight and is internally drilled to allow the cold or hot to penetrate deep into the tool, providing extremely effective hot or...

Roller Ice Cover

This neoprene cover fits all the Roller Ice products. It provides insulation for the bulb for even longer lasting cold therapy.

Stainless Steel Head Massager

Strikingly entrancing, this scalp massager not only provides a sensational relaxing feeling but also stimulates circulation under the scalp.

Hitachi Wand Massager Hv-260R

The Hitachi Wand Massager is the perfect lightweight handheld massager. It can be used in a clinic or at home with ease.

Thumbsavers - Medium - White

The inventor of Thumbsavers is a former massage therapist who owned and operated his own massage therapy business.

Therabath® Paraffin Therapy Bath With Scent-Free Paraffin Wax

Therabath® Paraffin Therapy Bath provides fast-acting heat therapy, soothes pain and stiffness! The Therabath® Paraffin Therapy Bath with scent free wax provides heat therapy that is...

Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser

Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser This fine Aromatherapy fan diffuser employs one of the easiest to use methods to add aromatherapy to any space -- diffusion! With a 4-foot cord you can stretch your fan to...

Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser Refill Pad

Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser Pad Refill These are the replacement pads for our Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser. Replace as needed for a dust free clean breeze. Sold individually.

Amyris organic essential oil

Woody, slightly sweet, balsamic aroma like Sandalwood. Strengthening, centering, calming Take aromatherapy to the next level with Aura Cacia Organic essential oils.

Clary Sage organic essential oil

Musky scent like lavender. Helps relieve PMS, calms hot-flashes related to menopause .Take aromatherapy to the next level with Aura Cacia Organic essential oils.

Lateral Balance Rocker Board 0-120 angles

Lateral Balance Rocker Board in eucalyptus wood and painted with Anti-humidity sealer. Balance board base covered with corrugated rubber.

Quadriceps Board

Quadricep Boards can be used to strengthen quadriceps on a bed, mat platform or treatment table.

Orthopedic Balance Trainer - Stainless Steel

Train core muscles, lower leg, hip and ankles with this durable pilates balance trainer. Great for physical therapy as well as pilates, aerobics and sports performance training.

Balance Board for Ballerina Posture

This Balance Board has 3 Adjustable levels for varying degrees of exercise. The wood of the balance board is especially for the treatment of Global Posture Reeducation.
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