Adult Airway Manikins

Adult Airway Manikins, airway manikins, airway  trainer simulates a nonanesthetized patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, and suction techniques. Airway  trainer adult, airway management trainer child, airway management trainer infant & neo-natal, airway simulation board, airway training supplies.

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Nasco has been providing educators with quality products at affordable prices for over 60 years. The realism of Life/form® anatomical replicas and medical training simulators is truly amazing! Extreme attention is paid to every detail – lifelike skin, natural bony landmarks, veins…even fingerprints! Life/form® products are molded from living models, or cadavers when appropriate, to ensure accuracy and well-defined features.


Lifelike upper torso and head simulate real-world complications when practicing a variety of intubation, ventilation, and suction techniques.

Airway Suction Trainer Set

A representation of human respirator organs, designed for temporary airway suction and catheter insertion practice.

Nasogastric Tube Feeding Model

Passing a feeding tube is a common hospital procedure. This model contains a molded cast of the anatomy of the nose, mouth, pharynx, trachea, esophagus, and stomach.

Adult Airway Management Trainer

For airway management procedures. Anatomical landmarks include the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch.

Critical Airway Management Trainer

This very difficult intubation head, coupled with the CPR torso, supplies the challenges for initiating respiratory care to the critical patient.

Adult Airway Management Trainer

Detailed anatomy featured on the adult intubation trainer stands out.

Adult Deluxe Airway Management Trainer with Board

The only head of its kind New material - new design! More lifelike feel than older styles Material stretches more than human skin Will not be damaged by aggressive intubation Very flexible tongue...

Adult Airway Management Trainer with Stand

The Life/form® Airway Management Trainer simulates a nonanesthetized patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, suction, and CPR techniques.

Airway Management Trainer Manikins

The Life/form Airway Management Trainer simulates a nonanesthetized patient for practicing intubation, ventilation, suction, and CPR techniques.

Economy Adult Airway Management Trainer

This detailed adult intubation head comes mounted for clinical teaching and practice of advanced airway management.

Airway Simulation Board by Life/form®

The Airway Simulation Board allows instructors to effectively demonstrate a closed and open airway.
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