Ambu® Emergency Medical Products

Worldwide EMS Equipment Sales & Ambu, Plus The Finest Manufacturers Of Ambu® Emergency Medical Products With Low Prices And Exceptional Service. Come Together To Bring You Products Like Ambu Military Mark III RDIC, Ambu Adult Silicone Resuscitator w/o Mask and w/ 60" Oxigen Reservoir Tube, Ambu Endotracheal Tube Holders Blue Rubber Strap, Ambu PEEP Valve, Ambu SPUR II -Adult Disposable .

Ambu Defib Trainer System

The system is designed for practising early defibrillation with AEDs, semi-automatic and manual defibrillators. Furthermore, mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-barrier ventilation can be trained.
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Ambu CPR Software kit

The Ambu CPR Software Kit allows you to use all facilities offered by your Ambu manikin with a computer connection.
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