Ambu Manikins

Worldwide EMS Equipment Sales & Ambu, Plus the Finest Manufacturers Of Medical Training Manikins With LOW PRICES And Exceptional Service. Come Together To Bring You Products Like Ambu CPR Manikins.

AMBU® CPR Pal Manikin - Face Pieces

Package of 25.

AMBU® CPR Pal Manikin - Head Bags

Package of 100.

AMBU CPR Manikins

AMBU® CPR Pal Manikin A budget-minded partner in CPR that will train students better for improved CPR skill retention to help save more lives.

AMBU® Baby CPR Manikin

An incredibly lifelike CPR infant manikin with a truly hygienic system - no risk of cross-infection.

AMBU® Baby CPR Manikin - Face Pieces

Package of 5.

AMBU® Baby CPR Manikin - Head Bags

Package of 100.
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