An@tomedia™ - General Anatomy

An@tomedia™ - General Anatomy

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An@tomedia™ is a unique way to learn about the anatomy of the human body. It's a comprehensive, self paced learning program that explores anatomy from foir different prespectives. These prespectives teach you how the body is constructed (from regions and systems) and how can deconstruct the body (with dissection and imaging technigues).

The interactive text, images overlays, labels and clinical questions allow you to explore anatomy at any level of difficulty. Medical practitioners will find it a great tool to explain anatomical issues to patients.

An@tomedia™ si very useful to students. The program presents anatomy from multiple perspectives, so it is appropiate for any course, whether regional/discipline-based or system/problem-based. It could replace an entire anatomy course or be used in existing courses as an extra learning tool for practicals, tutorials and lectures. An@tomedia™ bridges the educational gap by providing student with a detailed anatomy resource to be use before, during and after their practicals. It allows them to make better use of their time, and to focus on areas of clinical significance and anatomy relevant to practical procedures.

Unique Features of the An@tomedia™ Multimedia CD-ROM:

• Detailed serial dissection of real human bodies
• Colored overlays of individual structures
• Multiple perspective to explore anatomy and compare
• Flexibility to choose your approach, rate, sequence and depth of learning
• Interactive text, labels and clinical questions
• New concepts in anatomy and relevant clinical applications
• Capacity to “build” systems, “Map” regions, “dissect” layers and “trace” images
• Self learning resources with a solid educational basis
• A simple and consistent navigation system

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