Anatomy, provide the perfect vehicle to study the internal and external structures of the human body.

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Nasco has been providing educators with quality products at affordable prices for over 60 years. The realism of Life/form® anatomical replicas and medical training simulators is truly amazing! Extreme attention is paid to every detail – lifelike skin, natural bony landmarks, veins…even fingerprints! Life/form® products are molded from living models, or cadavers when appropriate, to ensure accuracy and well-defined features.

Atlas of the Human Body

By Adolfo Cassan. 192 pages, 8-5/8" x 12-3/16". Hardcover. Scientifically accurate full-color illustrations on virtually every page show the human body and all its parts.

Human Physiology on File™

322 pages, 8-1/2 x 11. Three-ring binder.Presents all the physiological processes of the body in visual detail. The collection clearly shows how the body�s systems and components function.

Dimensional Man

A life-size, 6-ft. anatomical chart instantly transforms into a three-dimensional model in five easy steps.

The Thin Man: Sequential Human Anatomy Program

Lets students explore body regions layer-by-layer for in-depth understanding.

Human Skeleton Photo

Front view of the human skeleton with major bones and joints identified. The photograph is 54 tall. Comes rolled in a protective storage tube. Grades 3-12.

Anatomy, Part 1 – DVD

Overview of the human body includes anatomical position, the skeletal system, articulations, muscles, the nervous system, and more.

Standard Deviants School Anatomy Super Pack

Learn about bones, muscles, and the different systems that comprise the human body with this exciting Standard Deviants video series.

Heart Attack™ Board Game

Get your blood pumping as you try to outlive your opponents by keeping yourself as healthy as possible. Staying healthy and risk free won�t be easy.

Barron’s Anatomy Flash Cards

This attractive set of flash cards makes an ideal study aid for medical school students, nursing students, and health care trainees who are preparing for tests.

Digest-O-Rama - The Game

This game will take each player through the anatomy of the digestive system while answering questions along the way.

Human Senses Experiment Kit - Lab-Aids r No. 8

This lab activity arouses a personal interest as students experiment to identify response areas of their body, and become aware of their sensory perception.

Precut Human Body

Life-sized, 34 felt manikin. Includes the reproductive system, eight diseases, and seven diagrammed pieces. Comes with 34 pieces and a 32-page manual. Grade 5 and up. Fabric U.S.A.

3B NEUROtables™ in German

On 21 pages with over 60 detailed illustrations the 3B NEUROtables™ reveal the human brain in various views and sectional layers.

3B NEUROtables™ in English

On 21 pages with over 60 detailed illustrations the 3B NEUROtables™ reveal the human brain in various views and sectional layers.

3B NEUROteacher™ , Single User License

3B NEURO teacher ™ , Single User License The 3B NEURO teacher ™ is a new and worldwide unique software lecture tool on DVD-ROM to prepare and execute lectures in Neuro Anatomy.
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