Arrhythmia Simulators

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Nasco World Class Distributor Award.

Presente to Med- Worldwide.Com For The Year 2009 In Recognition Of Outstanding Dedication To Sales And Customer Satisfaction.

Suppliers, and Exporters of Life/form® and Simulaids Manikins.

Nasco has been providing educators with quality products at affordable prices for over 60 years. The realism of Life/form® anatomical replicas and medical training simulators is truly amazing! Extreme attention is paid to every detail – lifelike skin, natural bony landmarks, veins…even fingerprints! Life/form® products are molded from living models, or cadavers when appropriate, to ensure accuracy and well-defined features.

Life/form® Interactive ECG Simulator

 Defibrillation shock can be delivered through manikin or simulator Practice operating your defibrillator/external pacer without a manikin.
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