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The Franck-Hertz Experiment is well-known for demonstrating discrete energy states in atoms. Recreate this Perform practical experiments using Demonstration Electron tubes and tubes for students demonstrations from Teltron. See the wide range of Helmholtz coils, discharge tubes, tube holders, gas filled triodes, Dual-beam tubes, Thompson tubes, Perrin CR tubes

Nobel Prize winning physics demonstration using these components. Everything you need is here, including Neon or Mercury tubes, heater, power supply and oscilloscope.

Set up class demonstrations using these all-in-one complete kits: The classic e/m for the Electron experiment, Advanced NMR/ESR Systems, Spectroscopy Systems, the Model 400 Diffusion Cloud Chamber, and Nuclear Lab stations suitable for high school and junior college science labs

Fine Beam Tube

Experiment topics: Deflection of electrons in magnetic field – Lenz's law Confirmation of negative polarity of electrons Determination of magnetic field as a function of the...

Heated Franck-Hertz Tube with Mercury Filling,115V

Franck-Hertz Tube with Mercury Filling and Heating Chamber (115 V, 50/60 Hz) Franck-Hertz Tube with Hg For demonstrating that free electrons colliding with mercury atoms emit energy in quantized...

Franck-Hertz Neon Tube With Base

Replacement Tubes for Frank-Hertz Experiment

Undoped Germanium on Printed Circuit Board

Interchangeable board with an undoped germanium crystal for investigating the conductivity of undoped germanium as a function of temperature.

P-Doped Germanium on Printed Circuit Board

Interchangeable board with an p-doped germanium crystal for investigating the conductivity and Hall potential for p-doped germanium as a function of temperature.

Hall Effect Basic Apparatus

Basic apparatus for attaching contacts and supplying voltages to germanium crystals on printed circuit boards (U13111 - U13113) for experiments on the measurement of Hall potentials and...

Sodium Fluorescence Tube on Furnace Wall

Sodium Fluorescent Tube on Furnace Wall For demonstrating the resonant fluorescence of sodium. It can be clearly demonstrated that energy can only be absorbed at a resonant frequency.

Heating Chamber (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

Heater For adjusting the vapor pressure in the mercury-filled Franck-Hertz tube and in the sodium fluorescent tube 8482260.

Training Oscilloscope

Linear propagation of electrons in a zero-field space Deflection of electron beams in an electrical field Deflection of electron beams in a magnetic field Magnetic lens Phase...

Discharge Tube S

For observing the phenomena occurring during electrical discharges in a gas in accordance with its pressure and type, cathode glow, positive column and canal rays.

Tube Holder S

Tube holder to support all S series electron tubes for easy and safe operation. The five pin sockets for the tube are concealed inside the tube holder.

Helmholtz Pair of Coils S

Pair of coils for generating a uniform magnetic field perpendicular to the axis of a tube when using the demonstration tube holder S (U185001).

Perrin Tube S

For demonstrating the negative polarity of electron beams through magnetic and electric deflection of the beams toward a laterally positioned Faraday cage connected with an electroscope (for example...

Gas Triode S

Electron tube filled with low pressure helium gas, with thermionic cathode, control grid, and anode for quantitative investigations of the typical properties of a gas-filled triode, recording the I...

Diode S

Highly evacuated electron tube with thermionic cathode and anode for investigating the thermoelectric effect (Edison effect) and measuring the emission current as a function of the heating power...
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