CATCH-ALL™ For Proflexx cots

CATCH-ALL™  For Proflexx cots

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For Proflexx cots black The Hartwell Medical Catch-All provides an easy and convenient storage area for small medical equipment that is frequently used on a majority of EMS calls. The flexible, vinyl-coated material is lightweight, yet durable so it doesn't add unnecessary weight to your cot. The Catch-All attaches to the cot's main frame underneath the backrest in less than two minutes. Five models of the Catch-All have been created to fit the majority of ambulance cots that are currently used in the field today. Whether you need storage for a pocket mask and stethoscope, or a handy shelf to transport the patient's clothing or other personal belongings, the Catch-All meets the needs of today's EMS providers. The CA2000, CA3000 and CA4000 Catch-Alls are available in classic burgundy to match your cot mattress or ambulance interior. The CA 3600 and the CA6000 are available in black only.

The Catch-All is designed to fit your cot, whether it is a lift-in style or a roll-in style cot. Make sure to specify which cot you are currently using to ensure that your Catch-All will fit each and every cot in your fleet. Models CA3000 and CA4000 are shown above.


Ordering Information:

Catch-All Model

Cot Model


Ferno Model 30
Ferno Model 35A
Ferno PROFlexx™
Ferno Model 29M
Ferno Model 93ES
Stryker MX Pro

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