Cot Fastener For MX-PRO R3, EZ-PRO R3 and MX-PRO R3 IT

Cot Fastener For MX-PRO R3, EZ-PRO R3 and MX-PRO R3 IT

SKU: SY-Cot Fastening System

Price: $799.00

FREE GROUND SHIPPING applies on orders of $500.00 or more and if the total order does not exceed 20.00 lbs.

MAXIMUM Benefits

  • Helps position cot and maximize work space
  • Helps minimize effort to load and unload the cot
  • Conforms to the National Truck Equipment AssociationStandard AMD 004 and KKK-A-1822D
  • Tested by an independent laboratory
  • Durable steel construction
  • Wider rail clamp for greater cot stability
  • Fits major cot brands and models
  • Numerous mounting configurationsFor more information on the Cot Fastener Systems from StrykerEMS, call (800) RUGGED6, visit or or contact your sales representative.

Floor Mount (MODELS 6370 & 6377) The antler bracket secures thecot's front loading wheels and arear floor-mount rail clamp fastens directly to the cot frame.Both the antler and the rear railclamp are removable, permittingeasy cleaning of the ambulancefloor and sidewall. Model 6377offers a second set of floorplates for multiple mounting

Wall Mount (MODEL 6371) The removable antler bracketsecures the cot's front loadingwheels, and a permanent rearwall-mount rail clamp fastensdirectly to the cot frame. This system keeps the cot close tothe ambulance wall maximizingaisle space between cot andsquad bench. The removablefront antler allows easy cleaningof the ambulance floor.

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