EDGE 9M SERIES LIGHTBARS 44.375in 9M30 SERIES Include 3 Power Supplies, 10 Strobes (4 corner/ 2 front/ 2 rear/ 2 side)

EDGE 9M SERIES LIGHTBARS 44.375in 9M30 SERIES Include 3 Power Supplies, 10 Strobes (4 corner/ 2 front/ 2 rear/ 2 side)

SKU: WH-9M304000

Price: $1,713.44

FREE GROUND SHIPPING applies on orders of $500.00 or more and if the total order does not exceed 20.00 lbs.
All 9M lightbars have ScanLock flash patterns. Strobes have 9 flash patterns and halogens have six.Modules snap in and out for ease of reconfiguring and field upgrades. Choose solid endcaps or endcaps with alleys for future upgrades.5 Year Whelen Power Supply Warranty 2 Year Whelen Strobe Warranty.Available in four, six, eight, ten or twelve strobe versions.9M features modular construction snap-in/lock-in components for ease of service and exchange or upgrade..New ScanLock� (patent pending) flash pattern control is available, along with a wide choice of Traffic Advisor models..Classic Edge� proportions with straightforward, modular construction for changes, upgrades or service..Models include 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 strobe lightheads plus up to ten secondary warning, halogen or LED modules..Optional, built-in Traffic Advisor� in strobe, halogen or LED versions..Lamp modules and slide-in lenses are of equal size and can be placed anywhere in the lightbar..End caps with clear lenses and colored inner filters allow individual color selection. Colored filters can also be used on duplex light modules..Available with ScanLock� flash pattern control that lets you toggle through nine strobe flash patterns and lock in the pattern you select..Selected pattern is stored in non-volatile memory until you decide to change..ScanLock also controls six halogen or sixteen LED patterns..Most options are available in kit form, field-upgradeable by distributor, installer or user..Mini 9M lightbar available in four, six or eight strobe versions..Permanent mount available with a wide variety of options..All models meet or exceed SAE Class 1 and California Title XIII requirements.>

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