Elbow Anatomical Models

Elbow Anatomical Models, The basic skills all nursing students must learn, and to learn the techniques, they must practice and practice in anatomical models that provide the perfect vehicle to study and explain the internal and external structures of the human body.

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Muscled Elbow

Full-size right elbow (humerus to hand) includes: biceps brachii, brachialis, pronator teres, and supinator muscles; distal, middle, and proximal phalanges; humerus, metacarpal, thumb distal phalanx,...

3B Scientific® Mini Elbow Joint with Cross-Section (On Base)

This mini-joint has been reduced to half of its natural size but has kept all of its functionality.

Basic Elbow Model

Full-size right elbow bone model includes: humerus, radius, and ulna bones, joint capsule, annular ligaments of radius, oblique cord, radial collateral, and ulnar collateral ligaments.

Elbow Joint with Ligaments

Demonstrates how ligaments move differently, depending on the joint anatomical movements. Natural size. 4-1/8 x 4-1/8 x 13-3/4. Mounted on stand with base.

Functional Elbow Joint

This functional elbow joint model provides a graphic demonstration of the anatomy and mechanics of the joint, allowing better doctor-patient or teacher-student understanding of the anatomy of the...

Deluxe Functional Elbow Joint Model

This high-quality functional elbow joint model of a naturally-sized right joint with ligaments shows the anatomy and possible physiological movements (e.g.

Elbow Joint with removable muscles, 8 parts

This elbow joint model shows the right elbow of a male with individual muscles and the muscular origins and insertions on humerus, radius and ulna.