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Helmholtz Coils 300 mm

This device is used to produce a homogeneous magnetic field.

Electric Motor and Generator

Electric Motor and Generator Functioning model to demonstrate how a DC and AC motor/generator operates.

Flat Coil in a Rotatable Frame

In conjunction with the pair of Helmholtz coils (U8481500), this device is intended for experiments involving the law of induction.

Pair of Helmholtz Coils on Mounting Plate

Use this device to generate a region of homogeneous magnetic fields and to determine the geometric properties of the Helmholtz configuration.

Digital TeslaMeter 2000

Axial and Transverse magnetic probes available • Ranges: 2000, 200, 20mT and Auto • Analog and Digital output • 3½ Digit LCD readout • Auto shut-off • Temperature...

Tesla Transformer

Tesla Transformer Classic Tesla transformer for the generation of a safe high-frequency high voltage starting from approx. 100 kV.

Tube with 6 Induction Coils

Induction Tube Apparatus with 6 Induction Coils Guinea and feather tube apparatus with 6 induction coils connected in series.

Waltenhofen’s Pendulum

For the demonstration of the effects of eddy currents and braking.

Pair of Pole Shoes

Defined air gap e.g. for electromagnets, Waltenhofen's pendulum as well as for investigating paramagnetic and diamagnetic samples. Each designed with a plane and a conical end.

Transformer Core D

Heavy U-shaped core for the generation of powerful magnetic flux. Made of high-quality transformer sheet metal, laminated, with two clamps to attach the pole shoes U8497200 or the yoke.

Coil D with 1200 Taps

Coil for the Demountable Transformer Coils made of shock-proof plastic Contact-safe with safety sockets Technical data printed on coils: number of turns, maximum continuous current,...

Current Balance According to Langensiepen

Current Balance According to Langensiepen For experiments in electrodynamics and the Lorentz force.

Accessories for Use with Current Balance

Accessories for Use with Current Balance

Fusion Ring

Fusion Ring Circular copper channel with insulated handle used to explain the principle of induction melting.

High Current Coil with Five Turns

Secondary coil for creating high currents for spot welding of sheet metal of up to 2 mm thickness. Turns: 5 Internal diameter: 57 mm Weight: approx. 650 g
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