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Set of 20 Nails for Nail Fusing Experiment

For experiements involving fusing using high current coil U8497406, Set of 20 Nails.

Metal Ring

Metal ring for performing Thomson’s ring experiment in conjunction with the mains coil (U84974020-230 or U84974020-115) and the transformer core D (U8497180).

Electrochemistry Kit

A complete equipment set for basic experiments in electrochemistry.

Oyster Series pH/ mV/Temp meter

Includes one pH probe and 2 buffer solutions.

Leclanché Cell

This model of a dry battery was invented by the French chemist Georges Leclanché in the 1860s.

pH Combined Electrode

pH combined electrode with shaft made of plastic and a BNC plug. Length of cable: 1 m Dimensions: 120 mm x 12 mm Ø

Equipment Set for Electrochemistry

For measuring electrochemical potentials of various metals in experiments intended for students.

Photovoltaics Equipment Set

Set of equipment on the topic of photovoltaics for one student workplace. Includes storage container with inlays and circuit diagram overlay.

Analogue Multimeter AM51

Reasonably priced hand-held multimeter for measuring voltage, current and resistance for universal use in student and practical experiments.

Set of 15 Experiment Leads, 75 cm 1 mm²

For low-voltage electrical circuits; copper wire encased in highly flexible PVC; equipped at either end with a laminated plug and a fully-insulated axial jack for connecting additional patch cords.

Hoffmann Electrolysis Apparatus

For electrolysis of water, the quantitative determination of the gases formed and establishing Faraday's laws.

Permanent Magnet with Adjustable Pole Spacing

This permanent magnet has an adjustable pole spacing and a high field strength arising from a use of two neodymium magnet elements.

Equipment Set for Electromagnetic Experiments

This equipment consists of a stable, firm, anodized-aluminum tripod with pre-defined magnet positions and accessory mountings.

Lorentz Motor

Comprising a motor armature without an iron core, this device is intended for installation inside the permanent magnet with adjustable pole spacing (U10370).
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