Electrochemistry Kit

Electrochemistry Kit

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A complete equipment set for basic experiments in electrochemistry. Includes a handy measurement device with an LCD display for pH values and practically zero-current measurement of voltages, as well as a pH combined electrode with a highly flexible cable. Automatic accumulator charging during mains operation with overload protection. Enclosed in a robust console housing with labeling on a resistant SKF inscription foil with a scratch-proof coating.

Scope of delivery:

1 Measurement device:
7-segment display: 3-digit
Height: 13 mm
Voltage ranges: 2 V DC and 20 V DC
Resolution: 1 mV
Input resistance: 200 MOhm
Accumulator operation: approx. 10 hours of operation after charging
Dimensions: 175 mm x 105 mm x 55 mm
1 pH combined electrode: unbreakable, with BNC plug and highly flexible • cable
1 3 V adapter:
Input: 12 V AC / 580 mA
Output: 3 V DC / max. 500 mA
1 plug-in power unit 12 V AC / 580 mA for 230 V AC mains voltage
1 storage box with
• 19 electrodes (42 mm x 28 mm) fitting the following cell blocks:
2 Ag, 4 Zn, 2 Fe, 2 C. 2 AI, 2 Ni, 4 Cu electrodes and
1 Pt gauze electrode,
• magnesium strip and 1 plastic plate
• 2 cell blocks made of resistant plastic, each with 4 half-cells, allowing a simultaneous configuration of 4 galvanic elements. These elements are connected electrically to each other via strips of filter paper acting as membranes.
• Set of filter papers (50 units)
• Emery stick
• 6 experiment cables each with a 2-mm-plug, 20 cm long
3 x red and 3 x blue
• 2 experiment cables each with a 2-mm-plug, 30 cm long
1 x red and 1 x blue
• 6 tapping clips
• 2 plastic beakers, 25 ml each
• 2 drip pipettes with rubber caps
• 1 pH combined electrode with a BNC plug and highly flexible cable
• 1 foam-lined case
• Operating instructions
• Experiment literature

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