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Wimshurst Machine

Historical experiment set-up for the generation of safe, high DC potentials for numerous experiments in the area of electrostatics.

Van de Graaff Generator with Discharge Electrode

For the generation of DC potentials with low current for multiple experiments in electrostatics.

Piezoelectric Charge Source

Handy device used for the simple generation of safe voltages needed in electrostatic experiments. Featuring the functional principle of a piezoelectric gas lighter.

Insulated Slider

Insulated slider for measuring the electrical resistance as a function of the length, cross section and material.

Insulator with Clamp

Metal stem with knurled screw and 4-mm-bore hole on acrylic rod, as insulated holder for wires, e.g. when conducting experiments on the optical bench are performed. Diameter: 10 mm Length: 100 mm

Friction Rods

Two rods for experiments on frictional electricity, made of PVC and acrylic. Length: 250 mm Diameter: 10 mm


An introduction to the basics of electrostatics, for displaying DC and AC voltages and for demonstrating the mode of operation of a high-voltage voltmeter according to Braun.

Plate Capacitor S

This device is used to investigate the relationship between charge, voltage and capacitance, as well as determine the dielectric and electric field constants.

Faraday Cup

Aluminum cup for investigating the charge distribution in the case of a hollow metal body, with 4 mm-plug for placing on electroscope. Connection: 4 mm plug Dimensions: 115 mm x 70 mm Ø

Set of Conductors and Non-Conductors

Set of "Conductors and Non-Conductors" To investigate the various levels of conductivity of 8 different sample materials.

Drip Cup with Basin

For experiments involving electrostatic charging of fluids e.g. for charge separation when performing water separation in connection with the E-field meter U8533011.

Accessories for the Electric Field Meter

Accessory set for the U833015 electric field meter, consisting of: 2 Insulated slot-clips 1 Alligator clip 1 Alligator clip with a lateral contact pin 1 Ball with a conductive...

Electrolytic Trough

Equipment set for recording equipotential lines of electric fields.

Resistance Bridge

This device is used to measure resistances in bridge circuits and investigate voltage drops across wires.

Assembly Kit “Bell, Relay and Bimetallic Switch

Assembly Kit “Bell, Relay and Bimetallic Switch ” Equipment kit comprising materials to assemble electromagnetic switches and bimetallic switches.
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