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Z- Folded Dressing Olive Drab

the z-pak dressing is a highly absorbent cotton wound packing that is z-folded for ease in packing wounds.

Laerdal Thomas Endotracheal Tube Holder Adult Olive Drab

Laerdal Thomas endotracheal tube holder-the thomas et tube holder is the only tube holder with a quick-set screw for a secure hold after tube placement.

Quick Panel Olive Drab Btm (Min 25)

Quick panel-the bound tree medical quick panel is designed to rapidly deploy medical supplies in an aero medical environment.

Camelbak Stealth, Black

Camelbak stealth-when duties put you in tight vehicle spaces or cramped environments, camelbak's stealth is the system you require.

La Rescue Speedgear Hydro Cell 70 Oz

Camebak omega reservoir only, 70 oz for the camelbak hotshot-who wants to fight with bulky canteens or water bottles when you should be fighting the fire' camelbak's newest hydration system, the...

Stifneck Select Collar Olive Drab

the stifneck select is a fully-assembled collar that can be easily adjusted, minimizing costly inventory and storage space requirements. unique rear panel opening allows for c-spine palpation.

Cpr Barrier Update Kit Includes Valve And Filter

cpr barrier update kit, includes valve and filter. 'key:laerdal medical cpr rescue breathing pocket mask cpr barrier resuscitation. Sold by: EA

Suction Unit S-Scort Jr Quickdraw Olive Drab

at less than three pounds, the s-scort...jr quickdraw is more efficient than the most powerful traditional suction units.

Mechanical Advantage Tourniquet

the mechanical advantage tourniquet (mat) represents one of the most current advances in combat casualty care.

Tourniquet Latex Free Boxed

latex-free tourniquet 1 Inches x 18 Inches, individually boxed. Sold by: EA

Tourniquet Penrose Drain Tubing 0.5 In X 18 In

tourniquet penrose drain tubing 0.5 in x 18 in 25/cs. Sold by: EA

Tourniquet Velcro Thigh 342

tourniquets, hook and loop fast thigh. Sold by: EA

Tourniquet Latex Free 1 In X 18 In 10/Pk

tourniquet latex free 1 in x 18 in 10/pk purple. Sold by: PK

Tourniquet Latex Free 1 In X 18 In

tourniquet latex free 1 in x 18 in . Sold by: RL
We are D&B D-U-N-S Registered!
We accept government orders.