Ferno PROFlexX (35-P) USED.

Ferno PROFlexX (35-P)  USED.

SKU: FE-35-PROFlexX 2006

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Ferno PROFlexX (35-P) Ferno PROFlexX (35-P)  





The Ferno PROFlexX was designed to again set the standard for x-frame cots by meeting the needs of todays operator. This new model 35X cot meets the high standard set by the POWERFlexx with an industry only 1100 lb. load capacity and a 650 lb. raised capacity for a non-powered cot. The rigid C-channel spine running the length of the cot and the with solid exterior x-frame design, a person can sit on the side frame of the cot with very little movement in the patient surface giving all operators peace of mind during patient transfers. Maneuverable and Superior Ergonomics The load frame (formally known as the drop frame) has four locking positions and a swing position in the lowest position (shown below). The swing, lower intermediated and load positions have been carried over from the 35-P and provide for the shortest cot when maneuvering in tight areas or in the lower intermediate position for the most ergonomic lift position. The two new positions added for this cot are the upper intermediate position and the fully up position. The upper intermediate position can be used as a lift position when the cot is in one of the lower positions giving the operator the best possible ergonomic position or it can be used as a push bar to control the cot during transport. The fully up position can be used as a push bar when the cot is in up position and when it is in the lower position it allows the cot to move into more confined areas as well as gives the cot a 360 turning radius, an exclusive again from Ferno.MATTRESS & RESTRAINTS ARE SOLD SEPARTELY

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