Gomco Suction Machine

Gomco Suction, HOMECARE SUCTION – These Pumps Are Designed Exclusively For Nursing Institutions, Physicians Offices, And Homecare Settings. These Portable Units Provide Gomco® Quality In A Lightweight Transportable Size. They Are Equipped With A Standard Three-Conductor Cord And Supplied With Three Hydrophobic Bacteria Filters. MODEL 1180, 1181 – These Versatile Aspirators Offer A Vacuum Range Of 0-20 Inches Mercury (Hg) Visible On An Easy To Read Gauge Calibrated In Millimeters (Mm) And Inches Of Mercury (Hg).Model 1180 Is Supplied With A Glass Collection Bottle. The Unique Gomco Disposable Collection Unit, Shipped With Model 1181, Has A Hydrophobic Bacteria Filter That Acts As An Overflow Valve Which Helps Prevent Pump Damage.
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