Heat & Thermodynamics

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Heat Equivalent Apparatus

For determining the specific heat capacity of aluminum and for confirming the energy conservation law.

Heat Flow Device

For demonstrating heat flows resulting from uneven heating of a liquid.

Copper Calorimeter

Calorimeter body for the heat equivalent device for determining the specific heat capacity of copper. With borehole for holding temperature sensor and with integrated heating element.

Linear Expansion Apparatus

For measuring the linear expansion of solids. Consists of a base strip with a clamping spring, pointer, scale and hose nipple. Includes three sample tubes made of iron, copper and glass.

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For demonstrating the thermal expansion of solid bodies. Consists of a brass ball and brass ring with wooden handles. Length: approx. 250 mm Additionally required: Burner

Ball with Ring

An arrangement for demonstrating the expansion of solids on heating.

Linear Expansion Apparatus with Three Pointers

For simultaneous measurement and comparison of the thermal expansion coeffi cients of rod-shaped bodies.

Steam Generator

Steam Generator (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

Syringe 100 ml

For storing and measuring quantities of gases and liquids. Consists of a glass cylinder with a scale having a division of 1 ml.

Pneumatic Lighter

Pneumatic Lighter For demonstrating the ignition of diesel.

Leslie's Cube

Leslie's Cube For measuring thermal radiation as a function of temperature, colour and surface texture. Consists of a hollow copper cube for pouring in warm water.

Oscillation Tube

For determining adiabatic exponent cP/cV of air by Rüchardt's method, used in conjunction with Mariotte flask U14327. Precision glass tube with precisely fitting aluminum cylinder.

Ice Bomb

For demonstrating the expansion of water when it freezes. Consists of steel cylinder with securing clip for bolts and plastic lid to match the cylinder.

Cast Iron Bolts, Set of 10 Bolts

Spare bolts to be used with Tyndall‘s bar breaker/ice bomb. Diameter, max. 9 mm

Tyndall's Bar Breaker

For demonstrating the forces arising due to linear expansion of metals resulting from a change in temperature. U-shaped abutment with tensioning rod and locking screw.
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