Intramuscular Injection Trainers

Buttock Injection Simulator

This high-quality, strap-on intramuscular simulator is a lifelike model of a right buttock with all important anatomical landmarks for intramuscular (I.M.

Intramuscular Injection Simulator – Upper Leg

This high-quality simulation of a right upper leg realistically displays all of the important anatomical, palpable landmarks such as patella and greater trochanter for very realistic practice of...

Intramuscular Injection Simulator by Life/form®

Here is the perfect volunteer for training your beginning health care students to administer intramuscular injections.

Intramuscular Injection Model

This high-tech medical model with realistic skin is perfect for teaching proper injection techniques and how to avoid nerves and veins.

Buttock Mate

Detailed Product Description This model can be used in medical schools and colleges. It can help to train the interns to learn the skills of intramuscular injection easily.

Intramuscular Injection Simulator

This high-quality simulator represents a right upper arm with all important anatomical palpable landmarks such as the acromion and humerus.


Learn the correct position for intramuscular injection by palpation. Straps to arm for practice. Simulator is light and compact. The special skin has no needle marks.

Intramuscular Injection Model of Upper Arm Muscles

Practice injections in the upper arm muscles safely on a realistic model that provides instant feedback to make training more effective and meaningful.

Skin and Vein Replacement for Venatech IM & SubQ Simulator - White

For use with Venatech IM & SubQ Simulator - White

Skin and Vein Replacement for Venatech IM & SubQ Simulator - Black

Skin and Vein Replacement for Venatech IM & SubQ Simulator - Black
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