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Stretcher Bridle Sling

The JSA-300-X Stretcher Bridle Sling provides horizontal or vertical lifting capacity of up to 2,000 lbs.

Patient Restrainer Strap Plastic Buckel

Standard length 5'. Extra length available.   Plastic Buckle

Wall-Mount Brackets

Brackets for mounting basket stretchers (JSA-300 Series, JSA-200 and Military Basket Stretcher).

Vinyl Stretcher Cover

Junkin JSA-301 Vinyl Storage Cover, will accommodate any Junkin Splint Stretcher and accessories. Zippered for easy access, complete with bracket for wall mounting. Dust and water resistant.


Made of 1/2" foam rubber, sturdy nylon cover in orange color. Designed to fit all Junkin JSA 300 Splint Stretchers. Provides added comfort for patient.

8 MIL. Vinyl Ground Sheet

Durable construction with brass grommets at each corner. Made of durable waterproof vinyl. DIMENSIONS: 76" L x 54" W

Patient Restrainer Strap

Restrainer Strap for folding stretchers JSA-501 and JSA-601 has spring wire clamps for fast attachment to poles.

Disposable Blanket 60 x 90

Insulated to retain body heat and protect from cold weather. Water resistant. Disposable to eliminate cleaning and retrieval costs. Individually packed ready for use. Yellow color.

Vinyl Coated Nylon Carrying Case for JSA-601 Folding Stretcher

Large enough to accommodate disposable Blanket, Sheet, First aid Kit and other first-aid items. Shoulder strap for ease of handling.

Disposable Pillow

DIMENSIONS: 17" L x 23" W

Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher Bag

Vinyl coated storage bag for use with JSA-602 and JSA-603 Easy-fold stretchers. DIMENSIONS: 37" L x 22" W WEIGHT: 3 lbs.

First Aid Station, Mine

features: The FIRST Aid Station contains all of the materials required to meet Federal Coal Mine Health & Safety regulations. Price will vary according to contents required.

Wheeled Folding Strecher Kit

Consists of the JSA-602 Easy-Fold Wheeled Stretcher, the JSA-502 First Aid Blanket, the JSA-503 Vinyl Sheet and the JSA-36 Thirty-six unit first aid kit housed in the JSA-606 Aluminum Stretcher Case...

Easy-Fold Aluminum Pole Stretcher Kit

features: "Consists of the Junkin �Easy-Fold� Stretcher with aluminum poles; First Aid Blanket JSA-502; vinyl sheet JSA-503; all housed in 20 gauge steel stretcher case JSA-600.

Wall Mounted Stretcher Kit Aluminum Pole

 "Consists of the JSA-501-NA stretcher, the JSA-502 First Aid Blanket and the JSA-503 vinyl sheet housed in stretcher case JSA-500 which provides a definite location for storing rescue...
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