Magnetic Field Probes

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Magnetic Field Lines Device, Three-Dimensional

For the three-dimensional demonstration of the magnetic field of a round bar magnet. This Plexiglas object has a center hole and features a special highly viscous fluid and iron filings.

Digital TeslaMeter 2000

Axial and Transverse magnetic probes available • Ranges: 2000, 200, 20mT and Auto • Analog and Digital output • 3½ Digit LCD readout • Auto shut-off • Temperature...

Axial Probe for Digital Teslameter

This axial probe works in three ranges, 0-20, 0-200, and 0-2000 mT and is designed for use with Digital Teslameter U40210.

Digital Teslameter with Probe 20 mT, 200 mT

This economical digital teslameter will allow students to incorporate quantitative measurements into their magnetism experiments.

Magnetic Field Sensor, Axial/Tangential

This magnetic-field sensor comprises two integrated Hall sensors for measuring axial and tangential magnetic fields in conjunction with the Teslameter (U10529) or the micro-voltmeter (U10626).

Magnetic Equipment Set

A selection of various magnets for introducing the subject of magnetism; complete with a specially molded storage tray.

Pair of Bar Magnets, 80 mm

Pair of bar magnets in a protective plastic case; poles identified in red and blue. Dimensions: 80x22x10 mm

Horseshoe Magnet 130 mm, with Yoke

Poles colored red/green Length: 130 mm Pole spacing: 60 mm Pull-off force of yoke: 250 N

Horseshoe Magnet 140 mm, with Yoke

Chromium-steel U-magnet with yoke, red and silver coloured poles. Dimensions: 140x20x10 mm

Pair of Bar Magnets

Pair of AlNiCo bar magnets, red, with north pole marked. Including two iron yokes. Dimensions: 60x15x5 mm

Pair of Bar Magnets 150 mm with two Iron Yokes

Pair of chromium-steel magnets, poles identified in red and silver. Including two iron yokes. Dimensions: 150x19x6 mm

Hexagonal Magnet Model

For demonstrating the properties of the crystal lattice of ferromagnetic materials, particularly Weiss domains, Barkhausen jumps, saturation and hysteresis.

Magnet Model, Cubic

Like U15350, but with magnets in a square arrangement.

Inclination Instrument

Accurate and easy to use our Dip Circle is designed for determining the direction, in horizontal and vertical increments, of the Earth’s magnetic field and to demonstrate the magnetic field of...

Natural Magnet

Unfinished, walnut-sized stone made of magnetic iron ore (magnetite).
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