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• Accepts only Chemetron gas specific adapters

• Indexed to prevent interchangeability of gas services

• Universal rough-in accepts quick connection

(Chemetron®, Ohmeda®, Puritan-Bennett®) or DISS

latch valve assemblies

• Modular design capability

• 100% hydrostatically tested

• Complies with NFPA 99 and CGA G-4.1 standards

• UL Listed

Medical gas outlet(s) shall be manufactured by Genstar Technologies Co., Inc. (GENTEC®). Wall outlet shall be

designed for concealed piping installation and available for services indicated.

The latch valve assembly shall be Chemetron quick connect compatible and accept only gas specific Chemetron type

quick connect adapters. Each latch valve assembly shall be color-coded for ease of gas identification per the

appropriate standards (US or ISO). Latch valve assemblies shall have gas specific pin indexing corresponding to the

rough-in assembly to prevent interchangeability of gas services and shall adjust up to 1” for variations in wall


Universal rough-in assembly shall include the wall rough-in plate (16 ga.) with inlet tubing silver brazed to the outlet

body. Inlet tubing shall be type "K" copper, 1/2” (12.7 mm) OD, extend 6-1/2 inches (165 mm), and swivel 360º for

ease of installation. Rough-in assembly shall accept only the specified gas service by use of indexes. Rough-in

assembly shall be of modular design to permit on-site ganging of multiple outlets with assurance of accurate

alignment and providing 5” centerline spacing. A dust plug and cover shall be provided to protect rough-in assembly

from contamination during handling and installation at the job site.

Rough-in assemblies shall accept any latch valve assembly of the same gas service. The latch valve assembly shall

be interchangeable, allowing conversion from one connection style to another without shutting down the medical gas


All positive pressure gas outlets shall have a primary and secondary check valve, where the secondary valve in the

rough-in assembly allows servicing of the latch valve assembly without having to disrupt gas service to the outlet.

Complete outlet shall be delivered to the customer in a gas specific rough-in assembly, a matching gas specific latch

valve assembly, both cleaned for oxygen use and in a sealed package, and a trim plate. All assemblies shall be 100%

tested for leaks, manufactured to comply with the latest edition of NFPA 99, and UL Listed.


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