Medical Nursing Manikins

Simulaids The Finest Manufacturer Of Medical Nursing Manikins With Our Low Prices And Industry Leading Customer Service Together To Bring You Products Like Breast Model With Interchangeable Nodules, Breast Self Examination Trainer, Eva Gynecologic.

Suture Tutor

A complete tutoring kit using an instructional CD-ROM and skin simulator to learn the skills needed for wound closure.
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Toenail Tutor

This kit combines the use of a multimedia tutorial CD-ROM and a toe model for learning the procedure and methods associated with the removal of ingrown toenails.
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Minor Skin Procedures

Minor Skin Procedures Replacement Skin Pads $145.28

Life/form® Cath-Ed Simulators

Female Cath-Ed 2 Simulator $550.07
Male Cath-Ed 1 Simulator $550.07
Special Offer for Both Life/form® Cath-Ed 1 and Cath-Ed 2 Simulators $998.93

Male & Female Catheterization Trainers

Male Catheterization Model $246.00

Patient Care Manikin

Carry/Storage Bag for 5 ft. 5 in. Full-Bodied Manikin $163.00
Optional IV Lower Arm with Hand $241.00
Patient Care Manikin - 105 lbs. $871.00
Patient Care/CPR Manikin - 35 lbs. $1,309.00

Life/form® Stump Bandaging Simulators

Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator $229.45
Upper Stump Bandaging Simulator $229.45

KERi™Auscultation Manikin

KERi™ Manikin Auscultation Update $2,720.26
KERi™Auscultation Manikin $3,857.46

GERi™Auscultation Manikin

GERi™ Manikin Auscultation Update $2,720.26
GERi™Auscultation Manikin $3,857.46

Life/form® NG Tube & Trach Skills Simulator

Life/form® NG Tube & Trach Skills Simulator $996.93
Methyl Cellulose $12.53

Susie® and Simon® Newborn Advanced Care Simulator

Susie® and Simon® Newborn Advanced Care Simulator $868.98
Susie® and Simon® Newborn Care Simulator $415.80

Life/form® Ostomy Care Simulator

Life/form® Ostomy Care Simulator $536.03
Simulated Stool $20.04

Intermediate and Enhanced Drug-Affected Ready-or-Not Tots®

Asian Female $365.71
Asian Male $365.71
Black Female $365.71
Black Male $365.71
Brown Female $365.71
Enhanced/ Drug-Affected Ready-or-Not Tot(White Male) $365.71
Enhanced/Drug-Affected Ready-or- Not Tot® (Brown Male) $365.71
Extra student keys $6.51
Extra teacher keys $8.26
Intermediate Ready-or-Not Tot® White Male $330.64
White Female $365.71

Skeletons for Your Teaching and Demonstration Purposes

Advanced Skeleton with Muscles $652.97
Mr. Thrifty 33" Skeleton $70.14
Standard Human Skeleton $381.35
Superskeleton $764.48

Life/form® Enhanced Muscle Replicas

Life/form® Enhanced 1-lb. Muscle Replica $24.55
Life/form® Enhanced 5-lb. Muscle Replica $78.41
Life/form® Enhanced Muscle Replicas $79.10
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