Mini-Centuriont Series Rotating Lightbars & 360Ø Strobe Lightbars

Mini-Centuriont Series Rotating Lightbars & 360Ø Strobe Lightbars

SKU: WH-C002A0**

Price: $425.93

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MINI-CENTURION SERIES ROTATING LIGHTBARS & 360 STROBE LIGHTBARS - SPECIFICATIONSSize : 6 3/8 (161mm) H x 12 (304mm) W x 22 (56cm) L Useful for vehicles space is at a premium or where, due to the size of the vehicle, the use of two mini lightbars offers a strategic benifit over the use of a single lightbar Permanent mount standard with two 1 1/2 high [ermanent mount brackets 3 year warrenty on motor assemblies Optional duplex take downs and duplex alley lights, flashers, strobes and California steady burn lights are available.

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