Moulage Kit

Moulage Kit


Price: $475.00

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MOULAGE KIT BEN NYE PROFESSIONAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES MOULAGE KIT professional ems included are realistic modeling waxes, wound color wheels, reusable latex wounds, bloods and tools, and a full color trauma simulation guide with detailed step-by-step instructions. all components are available for replacement. the professional moulage kit contains: cyanotic blue foundation, 3 effects wheels: bruises, trauma simulation,burns & blisters, 3 foundation bases: fair, olive, dark brown, gel wound simulation pack, bright yellow base, neutral set face powder, white cream base, thick blood, fresh scab, modeling waxes: fair, brown, simulated bone, reusable latex wounds: slit throat, bullet holes,exit wound, open fracture, jagged cut, deep laceration, avulsed eye, torn cheek, blood powder and stage blood w/applicators, liquid latex, castor sealer, spirit gum adhesive & remover, synthetic charcoal powder, petroleum & lubricating jellies, tools & applicators, trauma simulation guide, heavy duty carrying case

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