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Nasco World Class Distributor Award.

Presente to Med- Worldwide.Com For The Year 2009 In Recognition Of Outstanding Dedication To Sales And Customer Satisfaction.

Suppliers, and Exporters of Life/form® and Simulaids Manikins.

Nasco has been providing educators with quality products at affordable prices for over 60 years. The realism of Life/form® anatomical replicas and medical training simulators is truly amazing! Extreme attention is paid to every detail – lifelike skin, natural bony landmarks, veins…even fingerprints! Life/form® products are molded from living models, or cadavers when appropriate, to ensure accuracy and well-defined features.

Xtreme Trauma Deluxe Moulage Kit

The Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit includes all of the wounds from the Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit and Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit 2, and has sufficient makeup and accessories to create even more...

Moulage Movie

Moulage instruction is hard to find, unless you look at the Moulage Movie by Simulaids.

Casualty Simulation Kit

Casualty Simulation Kit. This 95-piece kit permits realistic practice in the care, management, and transportation of the injured.

Trauma Moulage Kit (PP 800-6701)

Can be used with any Rescue manikin, the WMD/CBRNE/DECON Full-Body Trainer (SB41542U), or the Trauma CPR Manikin (SB23535U, SB32240U) Application of these realistic bleeding moulages to a full-body...

Advanced Casualty Simulation Kit (PP819)

Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit A comprehensive selection of casualty simulations including such realistic bleeding strap-on and stick-on wounds and injuries as compound extremity fractures, various...

Basic Casualty Simulation Kit

A casualty simulation kit containing: one compound (open) fracture, complete with reservoir and pump assembled; one bottle coagulant makeup blood; one package blood powder to make one gallon...

Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit (PP00890)

This new kit contains 7 bleeding strap-on wounds and 15 types of moulage stick-on wounds The full line of accessories allows you to create 70 individual wounds, plus use your make-up expertise to...

Forensic Science Wound Simulation Training Kit

Simulaids proudly introduces the next generation forensic wound simulation training.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Casualty Simulation Kit

Effective Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) treatment of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear-Explosive (CBRNE) weapons demands a well-trained staff and starts...
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