Oxygen Unit Portable Including Unibody Regulator, Demand Valve, Masks, Airways, Aspirator, And Molded Plastic Case

SKU: AL-L175-010

Price: $1,140.00

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The Portable Resuscitator provides a fast, simple and effective system to resuscitate a non-breathing  
patient while performing CPR.  There are no adjustments to be made or dials to set.  Simply open the
cylinder valve and it is ready for immediate use. , with an 8 oz collection jar and a special self-cleaning catheter, provides a means of suctioning body fluids from the oral or nasal area. a supply of oxygen at a constant flow helps speed recovery of patients. the unibody regulator supplies 40-90 psig of pressure. the complete unit weighs approximately 18 pounds. portable oxygen

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