Pair of Helmholtz Coils on Mounting Plate

Pair of Helmholtz Coils on Mounting Plate

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Use this device to generate a region of homogeneous magnetic fields and to determine the geometric properties of the Helmholtz configuration. The machine consists of two coils arranged parallel to each other which are mounted on a robust metal base plate. The base plate includes a pocket for a magnetic field meter so you can measure the magnetic field. One coil and its holder are movable. The coils can be connected in parallel or series. There are two scales printed on the base plate to allow coil separation to be easily read and to determine how far the measurement probe’s position deviates laterally from the coil axis.

Number of turns: 100 each
Average coil diameter: 125 mm
Coil width: 33 mm
Terminals: via 4-mm safety sockets
Max permissible current: 5 A
Max coil separation: 240 mm
Scale division: mm
Base plate: 400 mm x 200 mm

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