Pediatric Simulators

Pediatric Simulators

Infant IV Training Leg

Lifelike reproduction of an infant leg allows students to master extremity venipuncture procedures and intravenous fluid administration in the superficial veins of the foot.

Infant IO Leg

Lifelike reproduction of infant lower leg allows students to master infant intraosseous infusion techniques.

Baby "Ivy"

Simulated infant head with internally moulded scalp veins designed for practicing neonatal peripheral venous access of the scalp veins.

Pediatric Arm by Life/form®

Practice venipuncture and intramuscular injection techniques and procedures used in young childrenExact reproduction of the arm of a six-year-old child.

Pediatric Head by Life/form®

Invaluable tool for demonstrating and practicing infusions and injections in the temporal and jugular veins of a newborn to twelve-month-old infant.

IV Leg by Life/form®

A special, extremely thin, synthetic skin is paired with rubber tubing featuring a small lumen and thin walls.

IV Infant Arm by Life/form®

A special, extremely thin, synthetic skin, and rubber tubing with appropriately small lumen and thin walls.

Nita Newborn Infant VenousAccess Simulator

A unique, anatomically correct representation of a 4-lb., 16" female baby developed to teach and practice the vascular accessing of newborns and infants.
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