Pediatric Simulators

Pediatric Simulators

Pediatric Arm by Life/form®

Practice venipuncture and intramuscular injection techniques and procedures used in young childrenExact reproduction of the arm of a six-year-old child.

Pediatric Head by Life/form®

Invaluable tool for demonstrating and practicing infusions and injections in the temporal and jugular veins of a newborn to twelve-month-old infant.

IV Leg by Life/form®

A special, extremely thin, synthetic skin is paired with rubber tubing featuring a small lumen and thin walls.

IV Infant Arm by Life/form®

A special, extremely thin, synthetic skin, and rubber tubing with appropriately small lumen and thin walls.

Nita Newborn Infant VenousAccess Simulator

A unique, anatomically correct representation of a 4-lb., 16" female baby developed to teach and practice the vascular accessing of newborns and infants.
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