Replacement Parts

STAT Replacement

ALS Trainer Replacement Skins Set - One Arm & Hand $80.14
IV Replacement Vein Kit $17.00
IV Trainer Replacement Arm Skin $40.07
IV Trainer Replacement Right Hand Skin $40.08
IV Trainer Replacement Vein Set $15.03
Optional IV Arm Replacement Skin $40.07
STAT Replacement Arm Skin $53.00

Advanced Life Support - STAT

Cricothyrotomy Replacement Skin (10-pack) $27.00
Injection Site (4-pk.) $46.00
Optional IV Arm Replacement Vein Kit $12.02
Pneumothorax Pads (4-pk.) $43.00
Reservoir Bag IV $14.02
Reservoir Bag STAT $11.00
STAT Teeth set of 3 $43.00

Advanced Life Support - EGG Adapters

Chest Post Defib. Adapters (set of 2) $133.25
Laerdal Adapters $62.00
Marquette Adapters $42.00
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