Rescue By Simulaids

Randy 9000

This brand new manikin is designed to be customized by the user for optimal training use.

Bariatric Rescue Suit

Simulaids was approached by a physician after he was involved with a difficult house extrication of a rather large patient.


This manikin features an intubation head without complications, IM injection site in the right upper arm, a deluxe IV arm, Chest compressions, sturdy construction, and weighs 140 lbs (63.6 kgs) to...

Flexible Rescue Randy

This regular-sized Rescue Randy unit   has been developed especially for the   aero-space industry and wing tank   fuel cell rescue training, but it can be   utilized in any...

Combat Challenge Kid

Challenging children creates character. Put your kids to the test with this down sized version for the Fire Fighters Combat Challenge, kid style.

Soft Stretcher

This rugged, foldable unit, made with heavy nylon fabric and automotive seat belt webbing, supports heavier patients, and stores in a minimum of space.
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