Respiratory System Models

The basic skills all nursing students must learn, and to learn the techniques, they must practice and practice in anatomical models that provide the perfect vehicle to study and explain the internal and external structures of the human body.

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Nasco has been providing educators with quality products at affordable prices for over 60 years. The realism of Life/form® anatomical replicas and medical training simulators is truly amazing! Extreme attention is paid to every detail – lifelike skin, natural bony landmarks, veins…even fingerprints! Life/form® products are molded from living models, or cadavers when appropriate, to ensure accuracy and well-defined features.

Lung Model with larynx, 7 part

The lung model with larynx is first class.

Lung Model with larynx, 5 part

This high quality Lung model has the following features: Larynx Trachea with bronchial tree 2-part heart (removable) Vena cava Aorta Pulmonary artery Esophagus 2...

Segmented Lung Reproduction

Lung model cast from actual human lungs with representation of bronchial tree, bronchioles and alveoli.

Pneumonia Chart

Pneumonia can be a very serious disease, especially if it goes untreated. This colorful anatomical chart includes radiographs of infected lungs.

Asthma Chart

The colorful anatomy chart illustrates the anatomy of asthma. Treatment and triggers of asthma are also presented on this anatomy poster.

Consequences of High Blood Pressure 3D Display

Life-size, 3D, hand-painted models illustrate the various organs that can be affected by high blood pressure.  Great for health fairs and health-education promotions.

Asthma Easel Display

This easel display uses 3D cross-section model to demonstrate the effects of an asthma attack on bronchial tubes.

The Respiratory System Chart

This colorful anatomical chart details the human respiratory system. Every important part of respiratory anatomy is pictured and labeled in this poster.

CT bronchial tree with larynx and transparent lungs

This unique CT bronchial tree model with larynx was created on the basis of computer tomography data of a human (male, approx. 40 years).

CT Bronchial Tree with Larynx

This unique CT bronchial tree model with larynx was created on the basis of computer tomography data of a human (male, approx. 40 years).

Functional Larynx, 3 times full-size

This functional larynx depicts the epiglottis, vocal cords and arytenoid cartilage. These parts are movable in the functional human larynx.

Larynx, 2 times full-size, 7 part

This medially sectioned larynx model shows: Larynx Hyoid bone Windpipe Ligaments Muscles Vessels Nerves Thyroid gland Thyroid cartilage, 2 muscles and 2 thyroid...

Functional Larynx, 2.5 times full-size

The epiglottis, vocal cords and arytenoid cartilage are movable in the functional larynx.

Larynx, 2 part

The larynx model is divided into two halves.

The Gastrointestinal System Chart

This colorful anatomical chart illustrates the human gastrointestinal system. The illustration is labeled with all the important anatomy of the gastrointestinal system.