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Outside Fabric: 420 denier nylon fabric Inner Bladder: Clear 12 mil ether-based polyurethane. Ultra-violet, bacteria and fungus stabilized.Suitable for extensive water immersion and air retention. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Pump: High grade neoprene Hoses: Surgical quality latex Hose Connectors, Fittings, Adapters: Injection molded high impact, moisture resistant nylon. Gauges: Phosphorescent gauges 0-200 mm Hg Pressure Relief Valves: Pop-off pressure 110-135mm Hg Velcro™ Closures: Color coded white, black Bag: 200 denier nylon soft sideSplint: Frosty vinyl,poly vinyl chlorideZipper: Nylon; metal pullPush-Pull Valve: Vinyl pvcHalf Arm, Adult: 25"Full Arm, Adult: 32"Half Leg, Adult: 25"Full Leg, Adult: 32"Foot & Ankle, Adult: 15"Hand & Wrist, Adult: 15"Half Arm, Child: 15"Full Arm, Child: 25"Half Leg, Child: 15"Full Leg, Child: 25"Foot & Ankle, Child: 11"Hand & Wrist, Child: 10" .

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