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For the last 3 decades, Simulaids has understood the challenges of dedicated professionals... Every Simulaids stand-in is manufactured to our exacting quality standards. Our training aids are extremely easy to use and maintain. We make every effort to provide you with affordable, lifelike, and yet rugged, training equipment for years of reliable use. Our goal is to enhance your speed and expertise and improve your training process. When it comes to simulating a patients’ needs we understand that every effort makes a difference. That difference can be found in our products. We are proud of our accomplishments. We owe our past, present, and future successes to our many customers, and to our dedicated employees. On behalf of everybody at Simulaids, we thank you for your past support, and the opportunity to develop meaningful, long lasting relationships.

Child Heart and Lungs Sounds Trainer

Child Heart and Lungs Sounds Trainer Info: This self-contained heart and lung sound generator delivers site-specific sounds of a four year old, delivered through ten lung speakers and a heart...
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Deluxe Adult Airway Management Head

Deluxe Adult Airway Management Head $1,479.00
PDA STAT Adult Deluxe Airway Management Head $1,473.00
STAT Simulator Adult Deluxe Airway Management Head $1,473.00

STAT Manikin

Cricothyrotomy Replacement Skin (10-pack) $27.00
Injection Site (4-pk.) $46.00
IV Replacement Vein Kit $17.00
STAT Manikin $5,202.00

FAST1™ Trainer

FAST1™ Trainer $111.00
FAST1™ Trainer Kit $160.00
FAST1™ Trainer Refill Disks (4 pk.) $29.00
FAST1™ Trainer Replacement Skin $56.00
FAST1™ Trainer with FAST 1 Training Kit $258.00

Complete Airway Management Kit

Complete Adult Airway Management Kit $251.99
Complete Child Airway Management Kit $298.58
Complete Infant Airway Management Kit $305.59
Total Adult Airway Management Kit $541.05

Adult Airway Management Trainer Torso

Adult Airway Management Trainer Full Body $1,530.00
Adult Airway Management Trainer Torso with Carry Bag $1,201.00
Adult Replacement Lungs/Stomach (3 pk.) $16.00

Pediatric Airway Management Trainers

3-Year-Old Child Trainer with Carry Bag $665.00
Child Replacement Lungs/Stomach (3 pk.) $20.04
Infant Replacement Lungs/Stomach (3 pk.) $20.04

Adult ALS Trainer

Complete ALS Full Body Trainer with Carry Bag $3,679.00
Complete ALS Torso with Carry Bag $3,297.00

Pediatric ALS Trainer

Pediatric ALS Replacement Lung & Stomach (4 pk.) $19.00
Pediatric ALS Trainer (Arm/Hand Skins (2 pk.)) $40.00
Pediatric ALS Trainer (Arm/Hand Vein Set) $13.00
Pediatric ALS Trainer (I/O Bone and Blood Capsule (12 pk.)) $104.00
Pediatric ALS Trainer (Leg Skins (4 pk.)) $51.00
Pediatric ALS Trainer Complete with Arrthythmia Simulator $1,582.00
Pediatric ALS Trainer with Carry Bag $876.00

Cricothyrotomy Simulators

3 Year Old Trachea $24.00
3-Year-Old Airway with Lung (4 pk.) $39.00
Adult Airway with Lung (4 pk.) $39.00
Adult Trachea $24.00
Cricothyrotomy Overlay Skins 4 pk. $48.00
Cricothyrotomy Simulator with 4 Overlay Skins $289.00

Tension Pneumothorax Simulator

Pneumothorax 2-Piece Pleural Cavity $39.00
Pneumothorax Pads (4-pk.) $43.00
Pneumothorax Replacement Skin $111.00
Tension Pneumothorax Simulator $572.00

Code Simulator 12 Lead Arrhythmia Simulator

Agilent, Hewlett Packard Defib Connector $782.52
Marquette Defib Connector $999.00
Physio Quik Combo Defib Connector $999.00
R2 Defib Connector $782.52

Training Cables

Laerdal Adapters $62.00
Manual Defibrillation Adapters $42.00
Marquette Adapters $42.00
Medtronic Physio Quick Combo Training Cables $133.25
Zoll Training Cables $105.21

IV Arm & Hand

lV Training Arm $253.00
Reservoir Bag IV $12.00
Reservoir Bag IV $14.02
Right IV Training Hand $253.00

Life/form® Airway

The Airway Simulation Board allows instructors to effectively demonstrate a closed and open airway.
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