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Kirchhoff-Bunsen Spectroscope

Designed after Kirchhoff and Bunsen. For the observation and measurement of emission and absorption spectra. With adjustable aperture, condensor and flint glass prism.


For the precise determination of the optical data of prisms. Can also be used as a spectroscope for the observation and measurement of emission and absorption spectra.

Demonstration Polarimeter

For the demonstration of optical activity, determination of specific rotation, and for determining concentration for a known specific rotation.

Spectroscope in Metal Case

Hand spectroscope in a flat metal case with built-in wavelength scale for direct reading of coarse wavelengths for spectral lines and spectra. With holder for mounting a probe in a glass vessel.

Pocket Spectroscope

High-quality optical system with centred visible spectrum, which is linear with respect to the wavelength. With fixed slit and prism system with grating in metal sleeve.

Spectrophotometer, Digital

This digital spectrophotometer is used for quantitative investigations of emission and absorption spectra and transmission curves, and for measurements related to calorimetry and chemical kinetics.
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