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Worldwide EMS Equipment Sales & Ferno, Plus The Finest Manufacturers Of Stair Chairs With Low Prices And Exceptional Service. Come Together To Bring You Products Like Compact Iii Chair, Evacuation Chair 2 Wheels, Evacuation Chair With Extended Handles, Sirocco™ Evacuation Chair, Evacuation Chair, Confined Space,Stair Chairs, When Maneuver By Two Professional Emts, Stair Chairs Gets You In And Out Of Cramped Quarters. Enable The Emt To Move The Patient Over Most Surfaces With Minimal Effort. Maneuver The Patient Is Simple Patient Restraints Hold The Patient Securely. Is Ideal For High-Rise Buildings Or Industrial Settings .

Stair Chair by Junkin..USED

Stair Chair features 2� automotive-style patient restraint straps.

Evacuation Chair with Extended Handles & Four Wheels

Designed for use in confined areas. Ideal for use in restaurants, high-rise office buildings, airplanes, boats, narrow hallways and stairwells.

Stair chair


Stair Chair by Junkin..

Stair Chair features 2� automotive-style patient restraint straps.

Evacuation Chair with Four Wheels

features: Same as the JSA-800 with four wheels.

Evacuation Chair with Extended Handles

features: "Usage is same as the JSA-800. Dimensions: 35-1/4"" H x 20-3/4"" W x 27-1/4"" D; Handle Fully extended is 41""."

Evacuation Chair, Confined Space

Confined Space Evacuation Chair. DIMENSIONS: 34-1/2" H x 14-3/4" W x 29-3/4" D Folded: 7" Back Wheels: 5" WEIGHT: 19 lbs.; LOAD CAPACITY: 800 lbs. CARTON SIZE: 37" x 21" x 9"  

Evacuation CON Onboard Airline Chair

Designed for the airline industry to transport in narrow aisles. Currently used by top Airlines in USA for non-ambulatory passengers.

Storage Bag for Evacuation Chair

Vinyl coated storage bag for use with any of the Junkin Evacuation Chairs. DIMENSIONS: 47" x 28-1/2" WEIGHT: 3 lbs.; LOAD CAPACITY: 800 lbs.
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