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Battery Impact Vac-Pak Model 1305 703-1305-02 $82.31
Battery Pack For Vac-Pak 305 In Hard Case $150.00
Suction Canister Disposable 500Cc 25/Cs Impact Vac-Pak $14.95
Suction Unit Impact Vac-Pak $795.00

Powered Aspirators

6 Ft Hose Assembly With Female Diss Fittings $44.24
Actuator Assembly Slide For 474-010 $64.06
Catheter Suction, 24Fr $11.70
Suction Canister/Aspirator Collection Jar For Lsp Aspirator Lps146 $6.98
Suction Unit Aspirator Type Disposable Without House $35.38
Suction Unit Aspirator Type With 6 Ft Hose $316.60
Suction Unit Aspirator Type Without Hose $247.96

Yankauer Suction Tip & Suction Tubing

Suction Tip Open With Control Vent $1.32
Suction Tip Open Without Vent $1.34
Suction With 6 Ft Tubing Without Vent, Bulb Tip $3.71

Suction Tubing Only 1/4 In X 6 Ft

suction tubing only 1/4 Inches x 6'. Sold by: EA

Suction Tip Hi-D Big Stick

hi-d big stick pharyngeal suction tip-very popular with ems professionals, the sscor hi-d big stick pharyngeal suction tip offers larger bore for efficiency and unrestricted flow, vented thumb...

Gastric Sump Tube

Gastric Sump Tube 10 French $3.36
Gastric Sump Tube 12 French $3.36
Gastric Sump Tube 14 French $3.36
Gastric Sump Tube 16 French $3.36
Gastric Sump Tube 18 French $4.61

Suction Catheter With Control Tip

Suction Catheter With Control 10 French $0.81
Suction Catheter With Control 12 French $0.81
Suction Catheter With Control 14 French $0.81
Suction Catheter With Control 16 French $0.81
Suction Catheter With Control 18 French $0.81
Suction Catheter With Control 5 French $1.39
Suction Catheter With Control 6 French $1.07
Suction Catheter With Control 8 French $1.07

Bubble Tubing 1/4 In Conductive Tubing With 3/8 In Bubble Every 3 Ft

bubble tubing-1/4 Inches conductive vinyl tubing comes in 100' roll with 3/8 Inches bubbles at 3' intervals.

Suction Liners 24/Bg Rico Saniliners.

rico sani-liners 24/bag latex free,. Sold by: BG

Suction Liners For Use With Impact 303, 304, Or 309 12/Bg

disposable suction liners for use with impact 303, 304, or 309 12/bg latex free. Sold by: BG

Suction Liner Disposable With Red Lid 1000Cc

suction liner disposable with red lid 1000cc . Sold by: EA

Suction Liners 1500Cc Sorenson Bags

suction liners 1500cc sorenson bags. Sold by: EA


ambu res-cue pump kits replacement canister kit

Handi-Vac Manual Suction Unit

Description: Gentec's Handi-Vac Manual Suction Unit is designed especially for the EMS industry because it is portable, lightweight, and rugged.

Replacement Canister With 2 Suction Catheters ( 6mm and 12 mm )

Description: Gentec's Handi-Vac Manual - -Suction Replacement Canister- - With 2 Suction Catheters ( 6mm and 12 mm ) SpecificationsDimensionsMaterialsOrdering Information ...
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