Thomas Advanced Life Support Pack ALS (Clear IV Bags), Black

Thomas Advanced Life Support Pack ALS (Clear IV Bags), Black


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Description: The premier ALS pack for the EMS industry today. The Thomas ALS pack isdesigned to carry virtually all of the equipment and supplies needed by emergency medical teams to perform advanced cardiac and trauma life support. Our color coded ABC configuration (Airway, Bleeding & Cardiac Medicine) helps responder communicate and significantly increases equipment location recall while treating the critically ill. The Thomas ALS pack contains one small and one large exterior pocket, eight color coded removable sections, four exterior removable vinyl front pouches,19 miscellaneous soft pouches. In total, the ALS pack includes over 100 individual dividers, elastic, and pouches. All removable cases and pouches are securely fastened in the pack to avoid loss of equipment and supplies, and are easily removed when needed. The removable color-coded and vinyl front pouches simplify restocking and allow rapid recognition and access to all equipment and supplies.

ALS Features

Small and large exterior pockets allow additional supplies to be carried.
Small Pocket (6H x7W x 4D) Large Pocket (10 x 14 x 3)
Top and side handles allow easy carriage. Three-piece shoulder harness provides backpack carriage. Back pocket covers and protects shoulder straps.
The ABC's configuration Airway, Bleeding (I.V.s), Cardiac (Drugs) and support layout is designed for easy recall of equipment. Removable Airway, Bleeding and Cardiac sections provide rapid equipment access and dispersion when caring for the critically ill

Airway Section
The removable airway section sports a black side handle for easy removal from the base of the bag and transport. The side of each pouch contains three separate pull-through pockets, capable of holding eight multi-sized ET tubes. Once open, the airway section includes three removable color-coded bags; intubation pouch, adult airway pouch, and a pediatric airway pouch. Elastic have been attached to the lid of the center airway pouch to hold 5 various sized airway.
The intubation pouch is designed to securely carry all necessary intubation equipment to perform neonate, child or adult intubation, including the laryngoscope handle, blades, extra bulbs, batteries, jelly, and a syringe. You can also attach your most commonly used laryngoscope blade to the laryngoscope handle in the ready to position.The Center Airway Pouch is designed to hold a fully assembled adult mask and tubing and Ambu system plus airways. The smaller yellow striped pouch is designed to hold smaller sized intubation tubes, an infant oral sucker, and a fully assembled mask for pediatric-neonatal care.

Cardiac Section(Drugs) - Padded Drug Kit
Each ALS Pack also includes the best padded drug box in the industry. Our drug box is protected by two pieces of polycarbonate plastic and three separate 1/2 inch pieces of self-enclosed Evazote foam. The Thomas Padded Drug Box is able to securely hold over 50 separate drug vials plus syringe boxes and printed material. Our Padded Drug Box also contains a separate narcotic section which can be locked assuring that unauthorized tampering of certain drugs does not occur. The other side of the kit includes the Thomas dry erase board and pen, which can be used for patient note taking (vital signs, drugs administered, etc..) or equipment replacement reminders.

ALS IV and Support Section
Intravenous Fluids and accessories are contained with three separate and fully self-contained IV pouches. All equipment necessary to start a peripheral intravenous line can be contained within each of these pouches, including 1000 ml of liquids, 6 IV catheters, tubing, pressure infuser, gauze, and swabs. Each pouch is easily removed by opening the flap pocket which holds the pouches within the pack, or by advancing the pouches out of the flap pocket by pulling the handle forward and upward. This allows for rapid dispersion of intravenous equipment at a scene with multiple victims. The contents of each pouch can also be set up differently to accommodate adult or pediatric patients. The handle allows for easy carriage and can hold a tourniquet if desired (not included).

Support Pouches
Support sections consist of extremely versatile removable support pockets and pouches for carrying a wide variety of equipment and supplies. Clear pouches allow rapid for identification of supplies and quick restocking.

Available in: Orange, Blue, Black

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