Trauma Simulators

Trauma Simulators.

Trauma Intubation Head

Attaches to the Adult ALS Trainer (SB31016U and SB32190U) and Defib/CPR manikin (SB27354U). Simulates swollen throat/vocal chords which would cause swelling of the larynx leading to laryngospasm.

Imaging Fracture Simulator by Life/form®

An exciting training device designed to aid both radiology educators, as well as radiology students.

First Aid Arm by Life/form®

Train Students in the Proper Techniques Used to Control Severe Bleeding�� Direct Pressure� Pressure Points� TourniquetThe Life/form� First Aid Arm provides extremely realistic appearance and function...

Pneumothorax Simulator

This Pneumothorax Simulator torso allows an instructor to teach and a student to practice properly inserting a needle to permit built up air pressure to escape the thorax.

Traction Splint Trainer

Traction splint application requires the ability to regulate how much force is applied to a patient�s leg. There has never been a way to monitor that, until now.

Chest Tube Manikin by Life/form®

Now there is a manikin designed specifically to teach the theory, anatomy, and skills needed to manage pre-hospital chest trauma, as well as ongoing chest tube maintenance.

Life/form® Simulated Peericardium

Package of 10.

Life/form® Pericardiocentesis Simulator

The Life/form® Pericardiocentesis Simulator is designed specifically to teach the skills needed to perform this difficult procedure correctly, as well as ongoing chest tube maintenance and the...

Methyl Cellulose

For use with the Life/form� NG Tube & Trach Skills Simulator (LF01174U).
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