Traverse Rescue Equipment

Patrol Pack R/B Kigali Patrol 35 Model 18-0335

"The Kigali Patrol 35 has all of the same great features of the 30, but with a bit more room, and an even better Harness System.

Patrol Pack Red/Black Kigali Patrol 45

"The Kigali Patrol 45 again has all of the same great features of the other Kigali Patrol backpacks, but the 45 is pumped up to a size that is truly flexible.

R/B Patrol Fleece Pullover Model 18-04

"The new Patrol Fleece Pullover is loaded with features that you will really appreciate on the job.

R/B Patrol Fleece Jacket Model 18-05

"The new Patrol Fleece Jacket has all of the same features of the Pullover, but in a Jacket.

R/B Patrol Pro Vest Model 18-06

"It's all in the details! The Patrol Pro Vest is loaded with features that set it apart from all of the others. Our tough, lightweight 450D Rip Stop nylon is just the start.

Traverse Cirque 2 Patrol Fanny Pack

The Cirque Patrol Fanny Packs are made for those patrollers who like to go light and fast! Numerous pockets and double-loop elastic retainers organize gear and keep it where you put it.
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