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Function Generator with Interface (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

Sine, square, triangular waveform generator with built-in sweep generator and power amplifier.

Equipment Kit Ultrasound Transducer, 40 kHz

For experiments on geometric and wave-mechanical acoustics. Housing on tripod with coaxial connection cable.

Centrifugal Pump

Fluid pump for generating adjustable constant fluid velocity for investigating flow phenomena in a good approximation of laminar flow.

Longitudinal and Transversal Wave Equipment Kit

Used for demonstrating the motion and propagation of longitudinal and transverse waves (shear waves) and determining the elastic constants (shear modulus, modulus of elasticity and Poisson ratio) of...

Ultrasonic Transducer 1 MHz

This component is designed for tests involving large penetration depths or high acoustic power at low depth resolutions.

Polyoxymethylene Test Block with Protractor Scale

This Polyoxymethylene test block also comes on a holder with a protractor scale and is used to examine the spread of transverse waves in plastic and reveal the elastic constants of polyoxymethylene ...

Acrylic Body with Drilled Holes

You’ll find a wealth of uses for this device including: determining the speed of sound and the lessening of ultrasonic signals in polyacrylate, localizing defects, investigating anomalies from...

Pair of Reflection Blocks

Fine-tune your studies of sound by measuring attenuation as a function of frequency and multiple echoes from this polished polyacrylate block.

Ultrasonic Transducer 2 MHz

Ultrasonic probe for investigations at medium penetration levels and depth resolution.

Single Breast Model with Benign Tumor

Model of a woman’s breast made of 3B SKINlike™ silicone with simulated benign tumor for the demonstration of ultrasonic B-image mode.

Set of 3 Cylinders

These polished polyacrylate cylinders are used to ascertain the speed of sound and the attenuation of ultrasonic waves in transparent acrylic.

Heart Valve Model

This double vessel with a rubber membrane and pressure regulator is used to demonstrate the operation of a heart valve by means of the time-motion technique.

Ultrasonic cw Generator

Ultrasonic generator for producing continuous, high-powered ultrasonic waves in a wide frequency range of up to 20 MHz.

Laser Diode for Debye-Sears Effect, Red

Use this safety class II laser diode to demonstrate the Debye-Sears effect and project ultrasonic waves in combination with the ultrasonic continuous-wave generator (U10006 ) and the test vessel ...

Ultrasound Test Vessel

Made of transparent acrylic, this test vessel possesses a lid and a transducer mounting. Three adjustment screws can be used to produce a stationary wave.
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