Venous Cannulation

Excellent for training, competency testing, and skills assessment! Portable and compact teaching tool enables clinicians and others to develop total competence with the most common types of long-term vascular access. Physicians, nurses, home health staff, and support persons find this human torso model the most efficient, time-saving, visual, and true-to-life aid in the teaching of implantable vascular access devices, external central catheters, and peripherally placed central catheters. The only teaching aid offering a tactile sensation that is dramatically realistic when palpating the location of implanted imports, which is achieved through a unique tissue-like material duplicating the feel of human tissue. The areas around all device sites can be used to practice cleansing, application of dressings and securement devices.

Deluxe Venous Access Device Model

Teach patients and healthcare staff the care and use of two different types of catheters with this model.

Central Venous Cannulation Simulator by Life/form®

Designed for learning and practicing CVC techniques, the Life/form� Central Venous Cannulation Simulator is directed to the emergency medical field.

Peter PICC Line

The only available teaching model which permits the practice of placing Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Lines (PICC Lines).

Peter PICC Arm Skin Replacement

Arm Skin Replacement for Peter PICC Line� Model (SB20132).

Peter PICC Body Vein Tubing Set

Replacement Body Vein Tubing Set for Peter PICC Line� Model (SB20132).

Peter PICC Body Skin Replacement

Body Skin Replacement for Peter PICC Line� Model (SB20132).

Lubricant Kit - 2-oz. bottle by Life/form®

Pkg. of 6.

Heart Catheterization Simulator by Life/form®

Now you can train residents and staff in the techniques of performing central venous catheterization using the Nasco Life/form� TPN Simulator.

CVC Skin Replacement

For use with the Life/form� Central Venous Cannulation Simulator (LF01087U).

Port - Body in a Box™

Compact, lightweight, and quick to set up and put away. A great tool for training, competency testing, and skill assessment of port (IVAD) palpation and accessing.

Central Venous Cannulation Simulator Bone and Muscle Replacement Kit

For the Life/form� Central Venous Cannulation Simulator.

Skin Repair Kit for Life/form® Central Venous Cannulation Simulator

Extends the life of replacement skins with brush-on treatment.*NOTE: This item can only be shipped via Ground Service.

Replacement Tubing Kit

Includes six sets. Each set consists of one subclavan vein, one internal jugular vein, one external jugular vein, and connectors.
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