Water Jel For Utilities

WATER-JEL was the first company to introduce the water-based gel technology that revolutionized emergency first aid for burns 25 years ago. Since then, they have developed a comprehensive line of first aid products that has set the industry standard for quality.

Utility workers are at high risk for electrical and thermal burns, generally to the head, hands and upper extremities. A more serious burn injury can result from an arc flash. With at least 2000 degrees of heat, the arc flash hits like a wave of energy and can ignite a worker’s clothing. Fortunately, the NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace has raised the level of awareness for electrical safety and prompted the investment in fire-rated clothing. Nevertheless, it is critical to have Water-Jel products on hand that could provide emergency burn treatment to areas of exposed skin.

New Jersey’s largest utility, Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G), is a strong supporter of WATER-JEL. Numerous other utility companies around the world specify Water-Jel Burn Kits, Fire Blankets and Facial Dressings for their onboard emergency first aid kits.

Burn Kits Small Specialty Emergency Burn Station

The Small Specialty Emergency  Burn Station, by Water-Jel, includes: two 2"x6", two 4"x4" six 3x5g Unit Dose Packets of Burn Jel   Case Pack:  5 Stations ...

Fire Blankets 3' X 2.5' Water-Jel Burn Wrap Canister

WATER-JEL Fire Blankets offer one of the quickest, easiest and most direct methods of administering emergency first aid burn care.

Burn Wrap In Foil Pouch 3 Ft X 2.5 Ft

WATER-JEL BURN WRAP (POUCH) Item P3630 Smallest and most versatile of the blankets, it is ideal for covering torso, leg or entire back injuries.

WATER-JEL Fire Blankets 5'x 6' in POUCH

WATER-JEL FIRE BLANKET-PLUS (POUCH) Item P7260 A full-size-5'x6' blanket adequately covers a burn patient or can be used to douse a fire or dangerous white phosphorous.

Water-Jel 12x16 facial burn dressing

WATER-JEL Sterile Burn Dressings relieve the pain, cool the burn, and protect against airborne contamination in one simple step, with no special training required.

Water Jel 2x6 all purpose burn dressing, sterile

Conveniently sized dressing, designed to wrap around a wrist, between the fingers-keeping them separated, and for the inner arm, foot instep or areas where this size dressing would be suited.
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